favourite band challenge: day 1- favourite song(s) [9/?]

But I won’t give you up

I won’t let you down

And I won’t leave you falling

But the moment never comes

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Say It Ain't So
Weezer/Weezer [Deluxe]




ok so I’m doing a giveaway woo

not all the games go to one person

there will be more than one winner

amount of winners and amount of games winners get will be determined by notes

reblog as many times as you want idgaf

PLEASE NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO FOLLOW ME but if you want to that’s cool


since I work in a game store there are other games we have avaliable, these are just the most popular/ my favourites.

some games are smaller/ have less content so if you choose that game I’ll throw in an expansion/ another small game

parenthesis indicate different themes of the game avaliable/ other info


co-op games:

-forbidden island
-dead panic
-castle panic
-mage knight
-arkham horror
-mansions of madness
-hanabi *counts as small game

other strategy games and stuff i dont want to make a category for:

-game of thrones (personal favourite just saying)
-dominion (regular, intrigue)
-android netrunner
-munchkin (star, cthulhu, bites, super, zombie, pathfinder, apocalypse, booty, the good the bad and the munchkin, adventure time coming soon!)
-killer bunnies (regular, conquest, heros vs villians)
-king of tokyo
-letters from whitechapel
-risk (halo, walking dead, legacy, starcraft, classic)
-gloom (cthulu, regular
*counts as small game
-settlers of catan, star trek catan 
(lots of people think it’s the best but tbh it’s average)
-civilization (expansion I, expansion II)
-the resistance 
*counts as small game
-zombie dice 
*counts as small game
-fluxx (monty python, piratezombie, star, oz, regular) 
*counts as small game
*counts as small game
-dutch blitz 
*counts as small game
-takenoko (its about bamboo and pandas and its cute as fuck ok)
-smallworld (underground, regular)
-star wars x wing (expansions)

I work in a board game store and as someone who deals with depression, anxiety, self image issues (and other things I dont feel like saying but you can ask me about if you want?) I find that board games are an awesome way to take your mind off things, they take loads of time to play (some of them) and they’re such a healthy distraction

so this is to all the people who don’t know how to deal with their disorders in a peaceful and FUN way 


  1. reblogs only, no giveaway blogs, the point is to spread that board games help give you something to do to take your mind off things (I recommend strategy games because they require more thought and this acts both as an exercise for your mind and also is a better distraction than a game that requires no thought)
  2. be nice ok 
  3. if you want a game you dont see ask me here and I’ll tell you if my store sells it, and I’ll add it to the list

1,000 notes- 1 winner, 1 game 
2,500 notes- 1 winner, 2 games
5,000 notes- 3 winners, 1 games each + expansion/ small game
7,500 notes- 3 winners, 2 games each
10,000 notes 5 winners, 1 game each + expansion/ small game
20,000 notes 5 winners, 2 games each + expansion/ small game
50,000 notes 10 winners, 1 game each
100,000 notes 10 winners, 1 game + expansion/ small game

will draw july 26 bc it’s someone famous birthday that I like and if you can guess who that is if you’re a winner I’ll add an extra small game/ expansion to a game

things to know:

all the games are linked to boardgamegeek, so you can check them out

if you’re too lazy too up things like one person games, or two person fantasy games or anything specific just ask me that’s cool or if you have no idea what kind of games you might like but would like to find out, just have a chat with me

if you ask me for game suggestions based just on your age and gender I wont respond, I need more info than that like everyone is different for their age/ gender? 


please reblog guys, the text wont show on your blog the point of this is to help let people know board games are a good outlet for when you’re sad

guys my store has a toooon of boards games, we have access to hundreds, so if you want i can actually ship you probably any board game that is currently in print

if u want to purchase any board game just check out this post i made explaining how/why i’ll ship them


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mini dice mini giveaway

ok so back a bit ago i did a d20 giveaway where i wrote out 20 things to make you smile and gave you a dice to roll and read a number for something to make you smile. 

well I want to do that again, but instead of 25 people I’m just going to do it for 15 people with a personalized list like this

tumblr user cosmic-owlet is great by the way

alright so i know there’s more than 15 dice there but thats just to give you an idea on colours and the pictures show what a normal sized die looks like in comparison to the mini ones, im bad at taking photos so the angles are kinda poo (sh i know) there are mini D20’s, mini D12’s, mini D8’s, and mini D4’s 

l only have a few mini d20’s so only the first 5 winners have that option, but my store should have plenty of the other mini dice everyone always buys the D20’s before i can

so rules 

  • mbf him (you wont even want to unfollow him bc he’s so cute)
  • reblog this (no giveaway blogs I’ll check)
  • likes dont count but are ok to bookmark 
  • be over 18 or have parental consent to give me your mailing address
  • be willing to talk to me so i can actually make the personalized list


winners get

  • one die (if you want a D4 I’ll give you two bc thats only four numbers so)
  • a numbered list (as many numbers as on the die) of things about yourself that are worth smiling about
  • a follow from me (if u followed me too thaat’d be cool but its not necessary, but you DO have to follow my boo)

good luck :)

giveaway ends August 21 




laverne cox poses with a fan, oitnb mexico premiere july 17, 2014

a fan

Poor Larry ;_;





laverne cox poses with a fan, oitnb mexico premiere july 17, 2014

a fan

Poor Larry ;_;


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As a DM I love the lich meme

Oh the sass.. It reminds me of my villain XD

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"I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but even at this stage, I do feel that we are meant to be one of the great groups. There’s a certain spark, a certain chemistry, that was special about the Stones, The Who and The Beatles, and I think it’s also special about U2." - Bono, 1981.

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Muse pointing at the cutest and smartest human being: you.

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I love the look on his face when he gets to the smallest one.


i literally watched this and waited for a really long time fuck you okay fuck you

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Muse – Making of the Time is Running Out Music Video

Muse – Making of the Time is Running Out Music Video

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The Pokédexes throughout the years


The Pokédexes throughout the years

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